Finishing Quartics

Ok, I said I was essentially done trying to factor quartics as the composition of quadratics. The one last question I had, even if I said I didn’t really have any, was if the following statement was true:

Claim: A quartic f=x^4+bx^3+cx^2+d can be factored as the composition of two quadratics iff it is symmetric around x=-b/4.

What I have shown so far is that if it can be factored, then it is symmetric as claimed. I’ve shown that it can be factored iff 8d=4bc-b^3. It remains to see that symmetry implies this relation on the coefficients.

Proof: If f above is symmetric about x=-b/4, then the function f(x-b/4) is even. Plugging x-b/4 in to f, expanding everything, and gathering up terms, one sees that


A polynomial is even if it only has even powers of x. Since our f(x-b/4) is even, by our symmetry assumption, the linear coefficient above must be 0. If this happens, then it is easy to rearrange the equation and see that 8d=4bc-b^3, as desired.

So there you have it. I’d summarize this work by saying that a quartic can be written as the composition of two quadratics iff it is symmetric about a vertical line.


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